Name Change

Changing your name in Scotland is easy as we can pretty much call ourselves whatever we like ( The process for the rest of the UK is slightly different ), so a young person or adult can change any part or all of their name at any time and ask to be referred to as their new name. There are circumstances for which you will be required to provide written evidence of your name change to be able to apply for or update some of the following :

  1. A UK bank account.
  2. A UK driving licence. ( * Your acquired gender can be changed here too. )
  3. A UK passport.  ( * Your acquired gender can be changed here too. )

* – You cannot change your birth certificate this way as that would have to be done via the Gender Recognition Panel.

You can get the written evidence in any of the following ways :

  1. Have a letter drawn up by a professional person ( e.g. Doctor , Teacher , Solicitor ) in which it would confirm your old and new names remembering your new title and your acquired gender identity.
  2. You can also make what is called a statutory deceleration which can be notarised by a solicitor for a fee and an example declaration can be downloaded here.
  3. Change your name by Deed poll which can be done online for around £29 for one copy & about £2 for each legal copy at

Which ever way you do it , It would be worth while getting at least 6 copies made for sending to various banks , Government agencies & utility companies etc. Some will return them to you but it’s not guaranteed.